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If you never do the thing at the second “just fine” in Mr Brightside then idk what to tell you man

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The Killers -(The Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009)

Is ANYONE gonna mention how beautiful Ronnie is in that picture.

yes, yes, my favorite picture of Ronnie <3

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me too..why?

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DAVE! <3 (The Killers - Sam’s Town Era)

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"If you know anything about Dev’s taste, you know he hails the Killers as the best band on earth. We spent far too much time waiting for their new Christmas video “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” to load so he could show me. When I drop that clichéd phrase ‘modern day style icon’ he states that Brandon Flowers is someone who he thinks dresses very well indeed. The green ribbon around his neck? Yep - that’s an ode to Mr. Flowers. It turns out that Dev is a huge Killers fan, and is one of a select few who is a fan of the bearded western look. ‘I am influenced by their music and then how I dress just follows. I’m actually a little obsessed. Funnily enough, a couple of weeks back while staying in a Brazilian hotel I spotted the band huddled outside having a smoke. I hate meeting people that I like; so he chickened out and ‘had to walk straight past them’. A shame, they could have chatted about facial hair. ‘With mine, I’m basically just copying what he’s doing!’"

Dev Hynes IS A VICTIM (via beaswellgirl)

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I can never decide if I prefer him with or without the beard ….endless dilemma

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The Killers - O2 Academy Liverpool

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"In related news, I took The Boys Next Door to his Berlin show the other night. We went back after to say hello. He gave the boys a signed CD and we posed for a pic. Check it!!! Lovely man. Man crush alert!!!!!" (Fran Healy / 2010)

His crop top in the second one <3

no that first photo isn’t ok

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